Whenever possible, I would like to have an engaging activity with my son so I can teach him practical lessons in life. Yesterday, because of the long break, we had an opportunity to wash the car together. As expected of a 10 year old boy, he wanted to finish the task immediately so he can play again with his PS2. I asked him to wipe the linings and dashboard with amour all, and lo, he was done in a jeepy. Unfortunately, the quality is hash hash too because small details are not given proper attention. I called for him again and asked him what’s wrong with his output.

Adults are also guilty of not giving importance to small details. My staff, sometimes, are guilty of that too, therefore, putting themselves in trouble with me and I with my boss. Details are important, if this is not attended to properly, like an engineer building metal buildings or carpenters of carports, doctors when performing surgery, or safety engineers maintaining a nuclear plant, lives and properties are exposed to danger.

I hope my son learned a lesson or two, young as he is, he must understand the importance of affixing the signature of quality to all his work, otherwise, lives (including his) and properties will be at risk.

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