When being cyber bullied, there are practical ways to respond. But when the situation calls for it, don’t hesitate to get professional, legal and police assistance.


Here's what you can do when you experienced cyberbullying

People were outraged after a 17-year-old teenager killed herself because of  cyber bullying.

It was reported that the teen was cyber bullied  when sexually explicit photos of her were posted online. Her family decided to move kilometers away, and the victim transferred school BUT….

“She was never left alone,  her friends turned against her, people harassed her, boys she didn’t know texting and asking her to have sex. It just never stopped”.


The mother of the victim said in an interview with CBC.


Cyberbullying in the Philippines


update: the anti-bullying act of 2013 is now a law but coverage is limited to high school students and below.

Until the the bullying law was enacted and high profile cyber lynching cases reported by media, most incidents remain under reported. Since the anti-bullying act of 2013 covers only high school students and below, adult victims, on the other hand, can seek legal remedy from some provisions of the Cybercrime law. Parents whose kids might become a victim of bullying, must find time to read and understand the provisions of the law.

What to do when being cyber bullied


Always inform somebody when you are being cyber bullied, harassed, stalked or mobbed


  • As a minor, tell your parents or guardian. It is best to share this also to your class adviser or the school’s guidance office. Parents, it’s best to inform the principal about the incident. As required by law, schools thru the Principal or his/her designate, should conduct an investigation.
  • As an adult, tell someone you trust, and if harassment is work related, it is wise to give your HR a heads-up. If you’re experiencing workplace bullying, here’s what you can do


Always keep a copy of the hate messages, degrading images and/or videos


  • do not delete text messages, email, tweets and PMs/DMs.
  • Always take a screenshot of the Facebook, Twitter and other social networ’s timeline
  • Download a copy of degrading images or videos to be kept as evidence


Block the accounts of the people are harassing you.


  • Parents, do this immediately and have your kids take an online vacation
  • For adult victims, do this if the attacks are affecting you already but ask someone to monitor the accounts of the bully.
  • If you can, take an online vacation. Use a different CP numbers when necessary, but ask someone to monitor the SMS in your original number. When cyber bullied using social media, report the account, photos and videos to social network providers
    • For Facebook abuses, if you do not have an account, report HERE
    • If you have a Facebook account and you wish to report a harassment/bullying follow this GUIDELINES
    • For Twitter abuses, report HERE
    • For Instagram, go HERE.


Seek professional. police and/or legal help when necessary.


According to this news report, if cyberbullying is happening to you or a loved one, you can contact the National Bureau of Investigation at [email protected] or call 521-9208, local extensions 3429 (Chief) and 3497 (Staff).


If both the cyber bullied and offender is minor


  • *Bully is from the same school – report to the child protection committee or the guidance counselor
  • *Bully is from another school –  report to the offenders school
  • Bully is out of school youth – bring the matter to the barangay where the offender is residing

* the school will determine if aside from administrative sanction, there is a need to file criminal charges. If parents are not happy with handling, they can escalate the incident to Dep Ed.

** if there is no resolution at the barangay level, they can proceed to the Women and Child Protection Desk of the PNP or DSWD

If offenders are adult but cyber bullied victims are either minor or women


  • Go to the nearest Women and Children’s Protection Desk of PNP
  • Alternately, you can file an online report here: http://acg.pnp.gov.ph/main/?page_id=1047 (use cyber harassment)
  • Or visit either the PNP Cybercrime Unit at Camp Crame or the NBI Cybercrime Unit


If both the cyber bullied victim and offender are adult


Schools and Companies, for support purposes, should have a bullying and  social computing policy; and promote surf safe practices thru learning events and other interventions.   The policy should answer for the administrative discipline of the perpetrator. Likewise, a counselling program should also be in place for victims of any forms of bullying.

Have you or a loved one experienced cyber bullying? What have you done to handle the situation?


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