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Sonnie Santos, Strategist and HR 3.0 Keynote Speaker in the Philippines

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Sonnie Santos is an Advocate, Strategist and Keynoter (ASK).

Though not a journalist or professional writer, he enjoys blogging because of the readers feedback and engagement on the stuff he writes about life, cyber wellness, human resource development  and sometimes current events.

Having been in the forefront of using e-groups, blogs and social media in building people and communities since 2004, he learned influencer marketing and used online and other social channels for strategic communications, marketing and advocacy.

Here are Sonnie’s contributions to PH’s online community:

(1) He introduced cyber wellness in the conversation from online to on ground. This includes online safety, responsible and proactive use of social media, privacy protection, digital parenting and cyberbullying prevention and mitigation. As a result, he received the best advocacy blogger award in 2010.

(2) Because his blog and online presence played a major role in his ascendance to Assistant Vice President HR position, he is in the forefront of using online social channels to facilitate e-learning, mentoring and benchmarking. As a result, he received the best brand and corporate blogger award in 2015.

(3) Together with other blogger advocates and online influencers in their own right, Sonnie co-founded Blog Watch in 2009. Thanks to Blog Watch, legacy media found value in live streaming coverage and interviews of candidates, and a blogger’s voice has been recognized as value adding addition in national conversation.

Because of the above,  recognition came in the form of blog awards and nominations; TV and radio guestings; citation of his blog posts in literary works in both print and electronic media; invites as conference speaker; and brand collaboration/partnership.

Likewise, Sonnie is also a seasoned executive for People Management & Organization Development. He started his career in HR as Training Officer and rose up to the level of Assistant Vice President. He presently do consulting work and/or facilitates learning and development workshops in various industries like engineering, banking, business process management, property management, education, manufacturing, FMCG, retail. and trading.

As one of the consultants for PHs ASEAN 2017 Chairship and hosting, they helped the Presidential Communications Office in conceptualizing content and communications strategy, roll-out and management of some activities and amplified the ASEAN message in different social channels and communities


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