Have been a hard worker (still am) since I joined the workforce way back 1992. A good work ethics was inculcated in me, a great value added to me. Thanks to the training and exposures I received from Dr. David E. Sumrall and Cathedral Of Praise, Manila.

However, as I mature– having partially reached my goal, got married and blessed with two kids, I slowly realized that life is not all about work. I used to work even during day-offs and work extended hours. But am getting a little worried whenever my kids are slowly being detached with me. So I become wiser! I ensure that I will be available whenever possible.

The realizations I had can be summed up from the two movies I gave a review. Click and The Devil Wears Prada.

I still work hard but smarter– I am in the middle of my 4 day rest. Just came back from Subic with my kids and better half for some family fun.

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