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In case you have not noticed, this blog, since Easter, is sporting a new theme courtesy of WP Premium. While I like my old theme, it can not accommodate new opportunities for advertising, and it is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Thus, the change in outfit.

Sonnie’s Porch is now friendly to my subscribers who are users of IE (a lot more than Fire Fox). Likewise, the new layout can maximize the earning potential of this blog. Though I love minimal themes– simple, pleasant to the eye and easy to navigate, I can not find one that suffice my requirement. Thanks to WP Remix, aside from the color, it met all my biases.

Why Web Design Is Important?

While it is true that content is king, readers do not want a lousy and cluttered web site. Visitors will not notice how good your posts are if the impression created by your web design is eewww!. It’s like you are tasked to speak on a topic close to your heart and while you are well prepared with deadly power point presentation but people failed to notice and remember your talk because all they talk about is your dress, or your make-up, or your hair or because when you smile, they noticed you have not brushed your teeth yet. You may say, “do not judge the book by it’s cover”, yeah right, tell it to the marines. Majority of people still give a lot of shit on “appearance and looks”, thus, first impression matters. And to ensure that there will be a better recall of my brand, I’m toying the idea of buying a paid theme or will ask a pro to design a trademark one for this site, eventually.

Speaking of a web designer, there is a professional web design in Essex that serves the entire U.K., Real Works Media. In fact they do more than web designing, they also support their clients with full service including SEO, CMS, Drupal, e-Commerce solutions and Marketing. If you are a non geek blogger like me, or you are a businessman based in England and the U.K. and you would like to create a strong presence of your business online, then feel free to contact them here.

I understand that it takes a lot of hard work and optimization to make a blog popular, just do a google search and it’ll bring you tons of information of the how’s. But do remember two basic items, at least to my opinion are important, (1) good content and (2) a house in order.

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