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Every 9:00 PM. I got to be home, since that is our time as a family, to pray, read passages of the Bible and worship the Creator.When we started this activity, it’s kinda awkward and korni. Perhaps because we know how stubborn and imperfect each one of us is. However, because I am accountable for my wife and kids, being the the husband and leader of my household, I got to take the lead. Otherwise, no matter how hard wifey would try to assume the role, it will not be as effective because fathers and husbands lead by example, not the exemption to the rule.After sometime that we have been doing this activity, I come to envy my children because of their tender heart. Every night, they are the ones looking forward to this activity. They wait for us to get home, remind us, and question if it’s already past 9 but we have not asked them to go inside our room with their Bible.At one time, it touched my heart when I heard them pray with sincerity and full of faith, it is spontaneous and sincere. They are not reciting nor memorizing a line. I remember my daughter thanking the Lord for protecting her against dengue (because the school announced that one pupil was hospitalized for that). When I requested my son to pray for us (mama and papa) because it’s valentines, they prayed for our love to get stronger.My children will usually read 5 verses each, but they are so eager to read more that I have to moderate and advise them instead to read more during their individual quiet time with God. And whenever I explain briefly what the passages most likely meant, they are all ears.This got me to pray for God to give me the same kind of teachable and eager heart. I have been a Christian since 1988, but after a while, perhaps because I allowed what I read or hear or see around me affect my paradigm, leaning on my own understanding is becoming more apparent.I prayed for the LORD’s grace to renew the passion and ignite the fire of first love in my heart.Aside:If you happen to be a resident of the US of A, and are on the look for San Antonio real estate, San Diego real estate, San Francisco real estate. Head over at and check not only properties on sale, but also houses for rent.

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