An entrepreneur always look for opportunity

Of so many theories and best practices we discussed in an entre(intra)prenuerial course, our professor made the above resounding quote. He even used as example his experience with an entrepreneur in one of their provincial trips. When they accidentally stepped on a carabao dung, the entrepreneur said “hey, we can make money out of this“, referring to the dung that is freely available and considered waste in the area, but may be useful in other areas, like energy production or fertilizer plant.

An entrepreneur finds a need

If we’ll look at successful businesses in our midst, and find time to study their beginnings, we’ll discover that these dudes started the business based on either perceived or real needs of people. For example

  • White people would love to have tanned skin, thus, some started a business on tanning. Artificial or otherwise.
  • Asians, on the other hand, would want to have a whiter skin or blond hair, thus products and services were developed out of this perceived need

But there are businesses also that were built around real needs. A good example of a real need is “parking”. Park Let of UK build their business to meet this need. Frustrated by the lack of space in the city, unsafe and stinky parking areas, and the hassles of commuting, the founders offered a service dubbed “rent a parking space”.Park Let, did not build nor operate a car park, but they created a service that connect space owners or car park operators and car owners for a mutually beneficial relationship. So what needs were met?

  1. For car owners, a place to park their car.
  2. For space owners, to make a piece of their property productive either by short or long term lease, or by selling them.

This also translated to income, both for the space owner and Park Let, who serves as the middle man who does the dirty work both for the tenant and the owner.

So if you are in the UK and if you are either in need of a parking space or you want a piece of your property productive? Park Let may be the answer. Check their website at

Entrepreneurship is both science and art, those aspiring should have one eye on need, and the other one on opportunity


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