Social Engineering: Do Not Be Conned

Social Engineering (SE) is one of the favorite schemes of cyber criminals to con people. It is the art of human manipulation. If employees are not given proper training about SE , companies will fall to cybercrime. Likewise, if parents are unaware, they and the kids will be victims of negative experience, if not cybercrime.

Social Computing for Social Good

Though the term “social good” has not caught media attention then, we are doing our part by advocating social computing for social good . We reached-out to parents first and taught them how to keep kids safe online. It has since evolved to include responsible social computing, data privacy and bullying/cyber bullying prevention.

Interview at “Bandila”

Cyberbullying Prevention Philippines and Web Safety Philippines all started because of the Web Safety for Parents advocacy we started on 2010. Getting the attention of mass media, more than the “pogi points”, is good for the awareness of the target...

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