APEC 2015 Advisories

The Philippines, after 2 decades, will again host APEC. Herewith are APEC 2015 advisories: holiday, pay guidelines and road rerouting, for your reference.

The Battle of Rallies

I am also for “some” of the reforms of the current administration, and in fact praised them for a job well done on public works. But keeping them beyond 2016 is something that I find unacceptable.

Are We Better Off Now?

I was a sophomore student in HS when Benigno”Ninoy” Aquino jr. was shot and murdered at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport (NAIA 1), I was curious then why my folks and uncles are jittery.

Pray For Visayas (1): 7.1 Earthquake

Update 2: The unified official hashtag for relief and rescue operations is #EarthQuakePH Update 1: If you’re an entrepreneur, hr or operations head of a company in the affected areas, here are some of the things you can do for the employees: Allow them to...

What Does It Mean To Ordinary Filipinos?

This morning, I received news from our friends in Del Monte about the acquisition by Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL),  a PH company publicly listed in both Singapore Mainboard and Philippine stock exchange,  of  Del Monte Foods (DMF), a US corporation who owns the...


Please allow me to make a rare diversion on this blog, chose to write this now before biz issues flood my brain. This morning, I attended a forum sponsored by Philippine Daily Inquirer w/ former NEDA Chair Cielito Habito as resource person about pork barrel. And late...

My Take on the RH Bill

my stand on RH Bill is 50/50. I agree that couples should have liberty to choose size of family and method of planning. But I’m against abortion

The Choice Of Leadership

The world almost stop as it watch history unfold at uncle Sam’s backyard. By now, it’s evident who the new US President would be. As there are cheers of celebration, others are also sorrowed by defeat. From the voters point of view The most important issue...

Pilipinas Circa 70

Pilipinas Circa 70 is how I recall the Philippines when I was still a kid. No pollution, no traffic, peaceful and the best era for Pinoy films and OPM.

Democracy Corrupts?

Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living in a free country. Where I can freely embrace and promote my Christian faith Where I can blog all I want without fear of being jailed or censured Where I can surf websites of my choice Where I can freely choose where to...

Fuel Price Hike Again?

I drove to my favorite gasoline station where I normally get my fill of unleaded ethanol fuel, and guess what? Several cars are lined up to fill their tanks too.

Tired Of People Power?

I was with my daughter at Chocolat and we were waiting for our slice of choco cake and frozen hot spanish chocolate when the headline of Manila Bulletin, March 2, 2008 issue, caught my attention. Bishops: Not Taking Sides On Politics . And to quote: Catholic bishops...