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The Oracle Training that I attended the whole of last week turned my brains up-side down– I think I have to go back to the materials and re-do all the exercises to have a better understanding of the logic… whewww!

To restore my sanity, the breaks in between sessions became my opportunity to surf and blog, hoping to add value to my blog visitors. Have watched closely the events in the middle east, not because am a war freak, but if we believe the scriptures, specifically the book of Daniel in the OT and NT books Gospels and Revelations, the key to understanding the “last days” is to watch the events unfolding in Israel.

According to some scholars, the Temple (Jewish worship center) built by Solomon, after King David established the political bounderies promised by God to Abraham, (the temple was destroyed by a conqering empire as a result of Israels failure to keep the Old Testament agreement after many generations), will be rebuilt. Unfortunately, the original location of the temple, who was once part of the “biblical” bounderies of Israel, now belongs to an Arab nation.

For this to happen (the rebuilding of the temple), it’s either there will be a peace treaty wherein those land will be returned to Israel or a major war is imminent. With the growing anti semitism (hatred against Israel/ Semitism is from the word Shem. Shem is one of the sons of Noah and Israel is from the line of Shem) in the world. Likewise, within Israel, I read somewhere but can’t remember where, there is a growing movement wherein a return to Old Testament religious and cultural practices is encouraged– reclaiming the Old Testament bounderies may also be entertained. Between a peace treaty and a war, which one do you think would likely happen?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.”

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