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2008 is set to end in less than 2 months, this is the best time to look back and reflect, and  plan for next year.

If business organizations are doing this, specially in anticipation of the effects of the financial meltdown of world markets and recession of major economies, there is no reason why this can’t be done on a personal level, right?

“Ok Sonnie, you got a point, how do we make a plan”?

Assuming you already have a long term goal in life…

First, you must reflect on the highlights or turning point of your life or family on the present year. This can  be done by answering  2 simple questions (1) What went right and (2) What went wrong.

Secondly, identify the challenges you have faced on the present year and challenges you expect to face next year.

Afterwards, in consideration with your long term goal, given the facts you have noted on the first 2 items above, you have to set your objectives for next year. Your objectives should bring you closer to your long term goal. Your objectives, likewise, should be simple and achievable.

Finally, from your objectives, you can identify your initiatives. For each objective, you should have several action plans to achieve your goal at the end of next year.

For example:

Objective:  To buy a bigger vehicle (SUV) by the end of 1Q

Budget:      P 500K Savings and Proceeds of old car

Action Plans:                                                           Person Responsible                            Timeline

  1. Scout different SUVs on the market               Me and wifey                                       Jan-Feb
  2. Appraise my present car                              Me                                                       Feb-Mar
  3. Set aside budget                                        Me and wifey                                       Feb-Mar
  4. Trade-in or sell present car                          Me                                                       Mar
  5. Purchase a new SUV                                   Me                                                       Mar

After you have completed your plan, please ensure you have several check-up points to ensure this will be implemented accordingly.

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