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I’m  pre-occupied with current events lately following both international and local news. The international news of interest has something to do with my faith. While the local news have an immediate effect in our part of the world.  Both,  however,  have similarity– that is sibling rivalry.

The War On Gaza

What the world is witnessing right now is fight among brothers. Both Jews and Arabs have one father, Abraham. Both believe in one God, both received the fulfillment of the blessings of Abraham and became a  great nation. But the rivalry between the Arabs  (sons of  Ishmael) and the Jews (sons of Jacob) dates back from the ancient times.

Eventually, peace will be achieved temporarily during, what Christians call “tribulation”, courtesy of the false redeemer.  Because Israel is tired of war and desperate for peace and security, they will be lured into entering an agreement with it’s neighbors. The Jews will enjoy 3 1/2 years of tranquility, but after this reprieve,  anti-antisemitism will increase hundredfold and this false peacemaker will lead in the persecution and destruction of  Israel.  Before this will ever happen,  somehow, I don’t know how this is possible, the old temple of  Solomon will be built in its original location. Incidentally, this is the same site revered by the Muslims.

This rivalry is deadly as we have seen many lives has lost, children became orphans, wives are widowed and properties destroyed thru the years of fighting.

Brodett vs. Brodett

On the local front, the fight on drugs drew the limelight  because of the “Alabang boys”.  Sons of  rich and influential families in the Philippines. These young people were arrested for alleged drug pushing, but the prosecutors handling this recommended the dismissal of the case due to technicalities, and eventual release of the suspects. These triggered allegations of bribery.   The one at odds are supposedly the two Govt. agencies, PDEA, the anti- drug force of the Philippines, and Dept. Of  Justice, the prosecutors who should file appropriate charges in court.

But a strange twist happened when the cousin and uncle of one of the suspects came forward and admitted that indeed the suspect is not only a user, but also peddle drugs. They went further by acccusing the mother as drug dependent.

This led to the exchanges of   bitter words albeit display of dirty underwear in public. Though this rivalry may not lead to deaths compare with the war on Gaza, but the hurt and the division it may bring to the family may be for generations.

As a father, this led me to serious thinking of how important is my role in ensuring peace on my children long after I am gone. We all know that some rich families war over money, business and properties immediately after the patriach or matriarch is gone.

In your opinion, how do you think sibling fight can be avoided?

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