image courtesy of wiser clothing

Red lights were flashing, but I ignored. The sensual appeal  is simply irresistible. I thought, why not? It’s a long way to get there so why waste the chance?

There were trust issues left and right, but because I am smacked right in the middle of it, I ignored the signs and fell into a marketing circus. Is it evil? Not necessarily, but can border into the realm of the unethical, depending  on how you view the drama. But activities like that may erode the trust of those who believed in you and your initiatives.

Note to self:

  1. Stick with your core values and philosophy
  2. Stick with your priority
  3. Remember that noble deeds has no strings attached
  4. An aggressive commercial campaign with average to poor social capital is not a good mix
  5. Do not allow anyone to use you.
  6. Learn your lesson, lols

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