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About A.S.K.

This blog is the old Sonnie’s Porch, rebranded to unify my handle across social networks- /ASKSonnie on Facebook and LinkedIn, @ASKSonnie on Twitter and Instagram.

Why ASK?

ASKSonnie,info Best in Corporate and Brand Blog

ASK also pertains to the contents of this blog–  Advocacies on Cyber Wellness and Spiritual Intelligence, Strategies for People/Organization Management and Development and Corporate Communications. and Knack for Citizen Engagement, Blogging and Social Media.

Why I (still) Blog?


Social media platforms come and go, and if you will rely on these, chances are, your digital footprints will fade with the platform (ehem, remember Friendster, Myspace and Multiply?). This blog is my digital estate, it may not be as big as the mighty Facebook, but this is mine and I’m the rockstar in this space.


Sonnie Santos, Conference SpeakerAt the 9th Philippine HR Congress, ASKSonnie, giving a talk about HR 3.0


Blogging History

I’m blogging since 2004, I started at Blogspot, moved to Multiply then to WordPress. Since 2005, I have my own domain and self-hosting my blog.

The old version of this blog, coupled with my LinkedIn Profile, became my ticket to an Assistant Vice President (for Human Resource) position on 2008.

And when social media and smartphone apps came,  I gamely embraced the platforms, learned and grew with it. By experience we discovered what we now refer to as digital and mobile marketing.  As it evolved further, I also learned how to use the platform for strategic communication and public relations.

This opened an opportunity to set-up my upstart consulting and learning events biz on 2011.



2010- Best Advocacy Blog by Philippine Blog Awards

Advocate, Strategist and Keynoter who blogs

2011- Finalist by Globe [email protected] Awards

Advocate, Strategist and Keynoter who blogs

2015- Best Corporate and Brand Blog by Bloggys PH

Advocate, Strategist and Keynoter who blogs



More than a sounding board of brands, or mouth pieces of spin doctors, we believe bloggers can be thought leaders.


  • Ella Ivoire

    I’m so glad that your blog is getting the recognition that so much deserves! Congrats on that, and on being a role model as well!

  • thank you 🙂


    Really enjoyed reading this! I’m feeling tad more inspired after reading it as well because you put things in a new perspective and it’s great to see your work is rewarded! <3

  • Nicole

    Wow this is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey! I just started writing only a few months ago and I am determined to grow and explore the millions of possibilities that come with blogging. I am super excited and I thrive off of inspirational stories!

  • Berlin Domingo

    Through ASK Sonnie, i learned about hr practices from separation pay to employee benefits and the like. Cyber bullying is one topic I enjoyed and there are still so many fun and informative nice reads from this blog. Thank you for sharing. I am one of your many readers and fans.

  • Ericson Felipe

    Whoah! I am boosted and inspired to pursue my personal blog. Yay! Blogger Goal!

  • Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

    Thankful for positive bloggers such as yourself. You’re absolutely right. You have to grow with the times.

  • Jen Yang

    “We believe bloggers can be thought leaders.” – ASK by Sonnie
    I love this!!! <3 Thank you for the continued inspiration and mentoring (via your comments on my blogs haha). :))) There should always be a higher purpose why we write, influence people and blog.

  • Simona Šiušytė

    Wow, congrats, this is amazing! You really come a long way in blogging. Keep going!

  • Sriparna Susan

    This is an inspiration for me. I have gained faith in never stepping back from my targeted goals thru writing!

  • Erwin Who

    Good post. You are a role model for bloggers anywhere. “Thought leaders” I totally agree.

  • Charm Gamboa

    It is very seldom that non millenials (uhm sorry haha) embrace the technology we now have today but that’s good and something to be proud of. We need to adapt to change to live in this time and that’s what you did.Congratulations with that and your other awards!

  • You’re such an inspiration to the blogging community. You inspire so many readers and bloggers as well. I look at blogging as an avenue where I can share my thoughts freely.

  • Johna P.

    Congratulations! You’ve gone so far. So many awards. Hope that I can also get far with my blogging. Inspirational!


    Its good that you were able to embrace the digital world and adjust to it. So few people realize the amount of hard work that goes with it.

  • Karmela Mirriam Ebreo

    Your blog is really one of a kind. When I first came about ASKSonnie, I really thought it was about your readers asking you questions. ✌️ When I began reading your content, I realized that ASKSonnie is more that just a bunch of articles. Kudos to you, sir, for continuously inspiring your readers. ????

    • this is the reason why I share this page from time to time, so readers will understand what ASK is about 🙂

  • You are such a role model to fellow bloggers in the internet. I also went from one platform to another then settled with the self-hosted blog. I love reading blogs like yours which makes you think and strive harder to reach your goals. 🙂

    • @mariaisquixotic:disqus I consider blogs as a tool for mentoring

  • Yours is a good theme for a blog. I remember also writing in Blogspot and Multiply before I settled to the free WordPress and eventually to the self-hosted one. It’s good to continue with your blog because you inspire your readers with what you share here. You have already found your niche and just keep it up!

  • Janella Panchamsingh

    This was a very inspiring post. some days I wonder why i continue to blog but this post was a reminder why

  • Carola

    Congratulations. That’s a big achievement. very impressing. You’ve blogging for quite some time now & you received many recognitions. That’s great. I love blogging, though I only started this year.

  • Isn’t it amazing when your hard work that you put into helping others, like blogging, actually brings you a good job and helps you become an expert in your industry? Congratulations for your success! 🙂

  • You’ve come a long way in blogging. You are such an inspiration. I’m a new blogger and I look up to senior bloggers like you where I get most of my blogging knowledge. It is always good to see people who succeed in the same industry. Hopefully someday I can also get awards like yours.????

    • @jerzebenavente:disqus just keep in mind that your goal is to add value to readers, and be consistent. The award is just an icing in the cake, real satisfaction comes people whom you have touched.

    • Ah yes, of course. It is always my content that matters most and how it will touch other people. Indeed that awards are just icing on the cake. Thanks for the reminder. I will always keep that in mind.????

  • The thing is, when I visit your blog, it is not only the lessons you impart in your posts (as well as the other contributors). The biggest takeaway from you from the first time I browsed your site is the transformation you did, from back when you were an employee, to how you became an influencer and an advocate of cyber wellness.

    As much as I want to praise you, I feel you are the kind of person who deserves better. To truly honor your achievements, I believe anyone else who feel the need to praise you must do their (and that includes me) in spreading your advocacy.

  • Congratulations on your award! This is wow – so inspiring! Let’s continue your blog development! 🙂

  • I thought so… by just being consistent 🙂

  • Tibs

    Congratulations! Great achivements! That’s what blogging is all about – sharing your ideas, giving advice and also entertain the readers. I would love to get there where you are or at least to go to the same direction. 🙂

    • @disqus_AHZ9AkSecU:disqus when your goal is to add value (to readers), same value will be given back to you. The award is just an icing in the cake, real satisfaction comes from people who thanked you for helping them

  • Jessica

    Finally got to know in details what ask is all about. You are and will always be an inspiration, Sir Sonnie. 🙂

    • @Jessica:disqus a lot of people thought I’m cocky by challenging people to “ask”, haha. And this is the reason why from time to time, I share this page.

  • Nya

    You have come a long way since 2005. I too remember to have a blog in blogspot, but unfortunately, it never made it so far. Your example is inspiring and makes me want to strive to be a better blogger. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

  • Tania Potter

    Wow, that is a lot of recognition in such a competitive industry. It is so inspiring to see what is possible. Thank you!

  • Thank you for making us realize that blogging is more than just about awards and those event invitations or freebies; it’s a part of yourself in the virtual world. And yes, it’s true that social media come and go. For now, it would be hard to imagine life without Facebook but just like Friendster and the other networking sites that came and left, there will be a time that the social media we are all enjoying now will eventually be replaced by something new. But blogs… they stay longer. Who would have thought that Blogspot stayed longer than Friendster or Multiply?

    • @louisechelle:disqus I am writing an article with a working title “How Bloggers Can Move Up The Value Chain” – I collated the thoughts of PR/Marketing gurus and pioneer bloggers. It’ll be an interesting and controversial discussion when it’s published.

  • TweenselMom

    I admire your passion. I truly enjoy blogging since I’ve started two years ago. It makes my life more exciting but more important than that, is that it gives me hope that someday, my life will be even more valuable, not only to my family, but to other people as well, when I make a difference and improve others’ lives just like what you do.

    • @tweenselmom:disqus – when we add value to people’s lives, that same value will reciprocate back to us. We can make a difference one blog post at a time

  • You’re an inspiration to many people like us. No doubt. Hope to meet you soon sir 🙂

  • Arrianne Guzman

    I definitely agree that social media platforms do come and go, and the blog that you have out there is the one you can magnificently claim. Hope you’ll continue spreading the inspiration because you’re definitely doing a great job. More power! 🙂


    Wow. Your story is an inspiration to me. I hope someday I can make as much or even just half as much impact as you and I will be happy already. Keep Blogging!!

  • Roselle Jean Dancel

    Your blog has received so much recognition, and I commend you for this. Every person’s blogging journey’s different, and I’m glad that you are driven by your advocacies to still pursue this craft… this art, despite seeing people say it’s a dying breed.

    • @rosellejeandancel:disqus – blogging will evolve, but it’ll not die.

  • I’m a newbie blogger and I chanced upon you for the first at one of the comment exchange thread. I remember it took me a while to comment because I had to read the article twice. I don’t want to give nonsense comment. Your blog is one among the few that has substance. I was so glad when I saw you from afar at the Bloggys Award.

    • @roselle_carlos_toledo:disqus – hope we’ll have a chance to get acquainted off-line in one of the events, soon.

  • I do hope to attend one of your talks in the future. I admire your dedication. Please do continue inspiring others through your blog.
    -Gino of

  • dragger74

    good day sir,share ko lang may case.i work as a field support tech (telephone)adsl repair and installer subcontractor of pldt.

    last oct 1 2015 nagchange ng contractor ang pldt.(PROTEK)is the name of contractor.nag hire sila ng tao sabi nila direct hire nila tas manila rate.

    nagresign ako sa dati kong employer at i nihire ako ng protek.then after 2 weeks nagulat nalng kami lahat na bagong empleyado kasi biglang may pumunta na cooperative which sila ang maghandle ng manpower

    pina perma kami nila ng membership form tapos yung form ay para naring kontrata.nagbigay sila ng basic service fee kasi yun ang nakalagay sa kontrata na 310.php basic rate sa bohol.

    after 3 months akong nagtrabaho sa kanila i just asking sa coordinator ng kung pwede ay hndi ako sasali sa coop at magpadeduct ng membership at regestration .then they answer me.(kung ayaw mu padeduct simply lang magresign daw ako?)sabi ng coordinator.via text yan sir.then nagkasagutan kami through txt then after that they send me a memorandom na 15 days suspension due to personal behavior and direct insult to officer.after my 15 days suspension wala na floating na ako para na rin na terminate untill now.

    ask ko lang sir illegal dismissal or suspension po ba yung ginawa nila?ano po ang ma advice nyo 3 months pa ako sa kanila?m

  • I do hope I would be able to attend and listen in some of your talks in the future. Thus, I just subscribed in your blog through e-mail 🙂

    • Ohh, thanks man! I will keep you posted, if a talk is open to the public.

  • Aika Lopez

    i always thought why the blog is called asksonnie. maybe it’s because the blog posts are informative and you are open to questions. hindi pala. ASK has a meaning pala. The story is inspiring. lalo that your blogging helped you land in a high position of a company. would like to hear your talks on a forum!

    • hahaha! the play of words is designed also for branding purposes. blogs, more than the freebies that PR agencies can give, can give you real value. just don’t allow others to treat your blog like a piece of trash.

  • It’s kind of annoying about what happened to multiply because I wasn’t able to retrieve a single content waaa. But that didn’t stop me from staying driven blogging (though I’m still working on having my own website hosting and domain). Like what you said, we’ll all get to our objectives and goals “one blogpost at a time”. Thank you for inspiring me with this post Sir Sonnie, mabuhay ka! 🙂

    • The good thing about my multiply account is I have back-up of the photos and blog posts in other sites. But even though they advised me to save a copy my digital footprints before they shutdown, in reality, you can’t bec. the system will not allow for a bulk download but just single download for each file, which is ridiculous.

      Good luck to your plan to self host and have your own domain.

  • Paolo Ruel

    Congratulation sir, job well done! it’s a best activement if you received an award 🙂

  • Milton Coyne

    This is really great and your achievements and also the dedication you put in blogging inspired me to blog more.. I started blogging since 2007.. I didn’t get any recognition but I must say that bloggin helped me in so many ways. Keep blogging and continue to motivate others

  • Very inspiring. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Keep blogging and be an inspiration to others especially to us who’s just starting 🙂

  • Johna P.

    Congratulations on your award! So inspired to keep going at my blog and maybe I too can also win an award. Thanks so much for sharing, keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  • TweenselMom

    Congratulations on your award. It must be cool being able to make changes in people’s lives.

  • Wow! This is amazing! You blog has been an inspiration to everyone! Congratulations on your award and More Power!!

    Thank you for sharing! Keep posting! xx


  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    Wow this is inspiring.. i came across multiply and was wondering what happened to my multiply page.. It was so inspiring reading all these.. I wish i can do more with these blogging thing, i’m still starting and this has been an encouragement for me..Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • focus on value adding contents, and do not be side tracked by the freebies.

  • Indeed, your blog has been an inspiration. 🙂 I love reading other people’s blogging journey, how they started and why, how they grew and how else they want to improve. Sayang, I was shortlisted sa Bloggys 2015, but couldn’t make it. Saw you sana, hehe. I don’t know what else to say rather than you have more than a knack for blogging. Please never tire of spreading inspiring words to us elementary bloggers. 🙂

    • You’ve relocated na pala in Bicol? We’ve passed by the area on our way to Matnog port. We did a road trip last year going to Samar.

      I appreciate how you appreciate my blogs, haha! Your comments are fun to read and insightful. Continue to sharpen the creative side of your brain and don’t allow people to put you in their box.

  • I love your blogs, and I’m pretty sure most people do to. Continue using the power of blogging as a tool to educate and inspire people. Congratulations on your awars, you deserve them! 🙂

  • You are a living proof that blogging can inspire other people. In fact, I’m one of your biggest fan. I’m also aiming for such awards; I hope you will continue your advocasies because you’re really helping people to live their lives in a smart and positive way.

    Best Regards,
    Cess Piano

    • Wow, super thanks! With your dedication and passion to what you’re doing… it’s only a matter of time before you receive a recognition

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