When Values Integration Fail

An end-to-end value integration program equips a company to culturally, structurally, and administratively prevent behavioral misconduct

When Tatay Got COVID-19, Our Story

Do not be misled that a mild covid-19 symptom is, well “mild”. Home care is doable, but still terrifying if you are in the midst of surge, hospital overflow, and medical oxygen shortage. Be prepared and equipped.

5 Steps to Resolve Work from Home Issues

Because COVID-19 forced companies to adapt work from home arrangements, trust, productivity, and mental health issues surfaced. Take these 5 action steps to resolve the issues once and for all.

Generational response to future technologies

Gen Z and Gen X in Southeast Asia (SEA) are less afraid about future technologies such as biometrics, smart appliances, robotic devices, and deepfakes while Millennials and Boomers have their guards up.

HR competencies circa 2021

With a pandemic ravaged economy, HR competencies need an overhaul too. This to address the changing landscape of the business environment.

Regularization by default

Management oversight in monitoring the timeline and missing the performance feedbacking schedule for proby employees is common. When it happens, what will be the consequence?