Sonnie Santos

Talent and Culture Architect; Data Privacy Strategist; Founder and President of Learning and Organization Development Institute, Inc (LODI, Inc).


As recipient of two blog awards, we can help in getting your message across. Presently, we are involved in HR Mentoring, Telecommuting and Digital Accountability (Cyber Wellness).


We can help in identifying the gap between your company’s objectives and present state. Afterwards suggest timely and strategic interventions to close the gap.


Our mission is to develop the next generation of leaders. Thus, when opportunity presents itself, we seize the opportunity to share knowledge, skills, framework and values in an array of blended learning interventions.

Learning Updates

HR 1.0 Mentoring Program: HR Operations

#HRMentoring or the HR 1.0 (HR Operations) program is a 6 Saturday modular program that seeks to improve HR services in the ground level. This, to help keep employee satisfied and promote social justice.

Work 4.0: HR Trends In 2019

Depending on how HR responds to the challenges of modern work, s/he can be busy firefighting or laying the foundation for work 4.0

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