Sonnie Santos

Talent and Culture Architect; Digital Citizenship Advocate Advocate; Founder and President of Learning and Organization Development Institute, Inc (LODI, Inc).


Twice blog awardee, we can help in your messaging. Presently, we are involved in #HRMentoring, #HRinHR   and #DigitalCitizenship


We can help in identifying and closing the gap between your company’s objectives and present state with timely strategic solutions. 


We seize every opportunity, when our schedule permits,  to share relevant experience to add value thru blended learning interventions.

Learning Updates

HR 1.0 Mentoring Sign-Up Page

HR 1.0 Mentoring Sign-Up Page

HR Mentoring batch 10 starts on October 2019, sign-up now! Batch 10 is made possible with our industry partners, alumni from earlier batches and the mentors.

When Self Serving Interest Is Good

When Self Serving Interest Is Good

When self interest empowers people to improve, it becomes value adding. Self gain is value negating because we take something away from another person

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