ASKSonnie.INFO is the online component of Sonnie’s advocacy in professional coaching & mentoring, digital safe spaces & cyber wellness, and spiritual intelligence.

Sonnie’s anti-(cyber) bullying and cyber wellness campaign have benefited students, parents, and the academe since 2010. He collaborated and worked with PNP,  schools, parent and student organizations, CHED, and NGOs for this advocacy. He even won an award and a special citation for this work.
Sonnie’s online coaching and mentoring, on the other hand, have benefited young professionals since 2004. It began with gen X (some of whom are now co-authors of this blog and partners in online coaching and mentoring), followed by the millennials, and now generation Z.
ASKSonnie.INFO uses the handle “The ASK Project” on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It expands the scope of this site’s content and allows it to reach a wider audience.
At present, ‘The ASK Project’ is at the forefront of changing the mindset of HR professionals from the heart of the organization to that of a spine that holds the organization together.

Early beginnings


ASKSonnie.INFO started at Yahoo Groups as Skopun where it began to collect, write and distribute articles and stories that coach to build others.

Skopun moved to and was renamed Sonnie’s Porch. From multiply, it transferred to then This blog finally settled down after getting its own domain and self-hosted.

Though at first there are several blogs self-hosted under different domains, managing and developing content took a toll on Sonnie’s other professional responsibilities. Thus, the different blogs were merged under one branding and the other domains were given up. A bad decision on giving up the domain because someone else bought the domains and used them for other purposes.
Since then, the online arm of Sonnie’s advocacy has been known as ASKSonnie.INFO, where ASK is not a DARE, but a MISSION.

If you want to write for this blog, join the online coaching and mentoring team, or have us develop and facilitate programs related to our core strengths, please send an email to ASKSonnie.INFO [at] gmail [dot] com.
Cyber Wellness Advocate, Strategist, Keynoter

Best Advocacy Blog, 2010

Tech Junkie Finalist, Sonnie Santos

Finalist, 2011 T@tt Awards

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Best Corporate Blog, 2015

ASK is not a DARE but a MISSION

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