ASKSonnie.INFO is Sonnie’s online presence to amplify his advocacies on (digital) safe spaces, rights-based leadership, and corporate adulting as foundation to leadership.



Sonnie’s advocacy for safe spaces (anti-bullying and cyber wellness) has helped students, parents, and educators since 2010. He partnered with PNP, schools, parent and student organizations, CHED, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). He also received an award and a special citation for his work.

Sonnie has coached and mentored young professionals since 2004. He started with Generation X, some of whom are now his co-bloggers and co-mentors.

On X, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn,  this blog goes by the handle “ASKSonnie.INFO.” It amplifies the message of this site to reach a larger audience.

ASKSonnie.INFO also supports changing HR mindset and people strategies from being the heart of the organization to being the spine that supports it. And it uses spiritual intelligence (Bible based principles) as a way to improve employee behavior and talent management.


Early beginnings


ASKSonnie.INFO began as Skopun, a Yahoo Groups community that shared articles and stories to inspire others. 

It then moved to different platforms, such as,, and, and changed its name to Sonnie’s Porch. Eventually, it became a self-hosted blog with its own domain

However, managing multiple blogs under different domains was too demanding for Sonnie’s other professional duties. He decided to consolidate all his blogs under one brand and give up the other domains. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad decision, as someone else bought the domains and used them for other purposes.

Since then, ASKSonnie.INFO has been the online platform for Sonnie’s advocacy, where ASK stands for a MISSION, not a DARE.



If you want to write for this blog, join the online coaching and mentoring team, or have us develop and facilitate programs related to our core strengths, please send an email at ASKSonnie.INFO [at] gmail [dot] com.
Cyber Wellness Advocate, Strategist, Keynoter

Best Advocacy Blog, 2010

Tech Junkie Finalist, Sonnie Santos

Finalist, 2011 T@tt Awards

ASKSonnie, Best Corporate and Brand Blog

Best Corporate Blog, 2015

HR Pillar Pioneer Awardee, Sonnie Santos

Pillar of HR Awardee, 2023

ASK is not a DARE but a MISSION

We are

Advocates who spur young professionals to think critically and independently with our unique corporate adulting program.

Strategists who assist business owners in designing people strategies that match their business goals, core values, mission, and vision.  

Keynoters who challenge prevailing mindsets and inspire with our talks.