President at LODI, Inc.

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Sonnie Santos, Strategist and HR 3.0 Keynote Speaker in the Philippines

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Sonnie is the President of  LODI, Inc.

Also known in cyber space as ASKSonnie, ASK stands for what he does, an advocate, strategist and keynoter. His handle is not an invitation to be sought for answers, but to communicate his brand.

He is a seasoned practitioner of digital marketing and communications, having been an early adopter of digital innovations since 2003.
He is also an executive in the practice or people and organization management and development. He rose to the position of Assistant Vice President.
Sonnie received two awards relative to blogging- one for his advocacy on digital accountability, and another for the use of his corporate blog for mentoring.
He co-founded Blogwatch in 2009. Thru this initiative, bloggers’ voice was heard in conversations relative to national interest.
He co-founded LODI, Inc. (Learning and Organization Development, Inc.) to spearhead his #HRMentoring program. A 6 Saturday modular program, meant to improve HR services and promote social accountability and industrial peace.



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