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Establishing your online presence is only half of the story. Add sharing of value adding contents and your online reputation story is complete.

I started blogging around 2005, there is no Facebook back then and blogging is purely fun and passion. 

I was a newly promoted HR Manager then, so I opted to write and share the challenges I faced and the things that I learned during the crucial transition years. Eventually, I wrote a lot of HR and Management articles.

Aside from blogging, I’m also an early adopter of social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These Social medium became a platform to share the articles I wrote.

On marketing circles, what I did is called “content marketing”.

On one hand, you need to establish an online presence to be findable and accessible, and a platform to share your content. On the other hand, you need to create content that are useful and value adding to the community.

Without these two, social web cannot enhance your online reputation.

How Online Reputation Can Help You Get Your Dream Job?

In 2008, a headhunter found my blog and reached me via LinkedIn. On the table was an opportunity to be an Asst. Vice President for Human Resource Management, which I eventually took

In 2010, I established my own consulting and training group courtesy of  content marketing and online reputation.

In 2012, I received an email requesting permission to use one of my articles for a book that is being written for Cambridge University.

Sonnie Santos Online Reputation


The same online presence and reputation created advancement opportunities as HR and Social Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer,  and won citations and award for my chosen advocacy.


Creating value adding content and sharing the same to social media channels is like coffee and cream in online reputation.

Have you tried content marketing? Speak up and share your story! 

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