President of LODI, Inc.

Helping you develop your full potential
Sonnie Santos founded  Learning and Organization Development Institute, Inc. (LODI, Inc.)

He is also one of the expert partners of Family Zone of Australia for digital citizenship and cyber wellness.

An experienced executive on corporate branding, people and culture development.

Award winning advocate for Digital Rights and Accountability

Sonnie is in the forefront of mentoring and leadership development of the next generation of HR professionals.

He also co-founded Blogwatch in 2009. Thru this initiative, bloggers’ voice was heard in conversations relative to national interest.

My Story


I once was a skinny boy who grew up with little confidence bec. of our economic status. Took up engineering because that entails little public speaking. But at the early part of college, I had an encounter with Jesus, and it changed me and my destiny. It turned out, what I disliked and feared doing became the backbone of my career. I started as an intern for a Christian church, and became involved in people development using diverse approach in blended learning.

My first professional job was Training Officer,  stayed for 1 year in one company, and 2 years in another. Afterwhich, I became a Senior HR Manager.  

At this time, around 2004, I became immersed in social web and discovered blogging, SEO, content marketing and strategic communications. As a result of my online presence, I became an Assistant Vice President after 7 years in senior management position.

After 2 years as an executive, I ventured into solopreneurship and has since been involved in different commercial projects and advocacies, where I won two awards.

My Values & Beliefs


There is a higher being that will hold us accountable for our actions both in public and private


In the midst of constant change, what brings stability is keeping your word


Keep improving

Pay forward

What makes this world a little better is giving back to the community without expectations of immediate personal gain.

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