When Values Integration Fail

An end-to-end value integration program equips a company to culturally, structurally, and administratively prevent behavioral misconduct

When Tatay Got COVID-19, Our Story

Do not be misled that a mild covid-19 symptom is, well “mild”. Home care is doable, but still terrifying if you are in the midst of surge, hospital overflow, and medical oxygen shortage. Be prepared and equipped.

A Lesson on Betrayal

Betrayal is personal, you alone can feel it. On the other hand, the person you thought have betrayed you is just being practical.

Is your Job a Calling?

When a person described his job as calling, a positive attitude towards work and the company should match the claim

Rendezvous with Death?

My body from waist up was numbed, can’t talk, move; and I’m grasping for air at the ER of Medical City. Is this a rendezvous with death?

A Date With My Daughter

I realized that to be an effective dad to my daughter, I have to grow-up too, to be relevant; and invest more time with her to keep the connection

The Keys To Success

Jesus showed us how to pursue our destiny, the key to our success, by his example.

Are Employers Deserving of our Loyalty?

At this point in my career, I just turned one year as an executive, when I received a call from a headhunter acquaintance, requesting for my updated CV.  Her client is a flourishing company and in need of executive for their HR Dept. The offer is rather tempting, so...

Putting Things In Order

If we are focused always on “firefighting” activities, we forget how to look at things from the top view to make the necessary balance, priority and order.

Stress Management

Different authors suggest different ways of stress management, but for purposes of this blog, let’s look at how Jesus manage stress.

Man.. Integrity.. Woman

A woman make man in many ways “complete”, I would like to focus, however, on the influence of a woman to a man’s character and behaviour.

HR Philippines Largest EyeBall

And on August 29, 2007, HR Philippines, the e-group, made history! We hosted 350 HR practitioners, the largest “eye ball” event an e-group can have.

Secret Lives Can Destroy Destiny

Lack of integrity can lead to a private life that is inconsistent to the projected public life. This secret life will rob us of our destiny

Faith or Fear? Your Mental Health Depends on It

Faith and fear are opposites but the same. The same because both sources their power from you– the confident expectation of your future or your belief of what will happen to you. But they are opposites because faith believes something good can happen in the future, while fear expects the opposite.

Change Management (1)

Because of one or more determinants, a tipping point may be created that will result to a season of growth. This will propel business to expand or a blog to increase its bandwidth due to increased readership. Leaders and blog owners must be able to make concrete...

Purpose In Life

  I enjoy listening to TobyMac, especially the remix of the “Do you know where you are going to?” song. I believe the question is relevant to us all.   Purpose in life is one of the issues besetting the youth and young professionals. On certain...