When Tatay Got COVID-19, Our Story

Do not be misled that a mild covid-19 symptom is, well “mild”. Home care is doable, but still terrifying if you are in the midst of surge, hospital overflow, and medical oxygen shortage. Be prepared and equipped.

Rendezvous with Death?

My body from waist up was numbed, can’t talk, move; and I’m grasping for air at the ER of Medical City. Is this a rendezvous with death?

Customer First Philosophy

We often read customer first policy in frames, but we rarely see this in action during difficult situation. But Krispy Kreme proved me wrong.

Pursue Your Passion

If you will pursue your passion, the likelihood that you are fulfilling your calling or purpose in life is high. You will not only get people’s attention, you will also find inspiration.

Love and Generosity

Instead of celebrating Christmas the traditional way, we pooled our resources to “adopt-a-family. I’m proud of my staff who showed love and generosity

And We Come To Worship

God is a God that gives fresh start– like the “born again experience”. God places a person’s worth not in his/her past, specially the dark past. Instead, He embraces our future… our potential. God is “expert” in turning ‘mourning into dancing’.