Developing Future HR Leaders


One way to pay forward is to equip the next generation of HR professionals to be technically equipped, wired to think like business leaders and advocate of greater social good.

This is why our HR Mentoring program is different.

Most certification programs address the technical competencies.

A few program adds leadership framework but in most cases, leadership development is in a different menu.

But no certification program  addresses the social issues that can bring greater social good.

Our mentoring program addresses the three with its unique blended learning approach.

The curriculum is the fusion of the best practices of SIMP, CHRP and SHRM.

The pep talks helps transition the mindset of participants from an employee to business leaders,  anchored on SQ and EQ.

Our #HRinHR ,  equips our participants to help their organization align their strategic policy and culture to be socially accountable and contribute to social justice.

Our facilitators are composed of seasoned HR leaders and emerging leaders from our alumni (graduates of earlier batches).

But we  offer our program FREE to qualified applicants

You can be part of this endeavor either by enrolling or sending participants, volunteering or sponsoring our events

At the end of the program, participants should be able to

  • Have a grasp of the basic ‘technical’ know how of the end to end operations of Human Capital Management.
  • Understand, if not embrace, the leadership framework anchored on SQ and EQ
  • Promote social good by identifying areas for improvement in their respective workplaces, and introduce corrective actions.
  • Suggest policy improvements or employee programs that will align corporate culture, values and policies to that of human rights in business.





HR 2.0 - coming soon!

HR Mentoring 2.0 is about Strategic Human Resource Management, 24 Saturday modular program aimed at developing HR practitioners to be business partners



Labor Relations

Elective Track


#HRinHR, social good in HR services



to be a preferred provider of learning and organizational solutions, and preferred community of professionals because membership welfare and development is our core


to influence a diverse spectrum of individuals with our advocacies, and develop a community where future leaders and experts in human capital development will emerge



  • #PayitForward: Altruism
  • #FreeisNOTcheap: Quality
  • #LevelUP: Continuous Improvement 
  • #IamHR: Integrity 
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