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Winning the championship or not, there are two Gilas win(s) on the current Fiba Asia Championship that Filipino basketball fans would like- the one against Chinese-Taipei (because they did not invite us on the 2013 edition of Jones Cup) and against South Korea (because they have broken our hearts time and again in several international basketball matches).

Philippines defeated South Korea in FIBA Asia

Photo courtesy of NPPA & PBA

While we failed on the first one, the win against  South Korea negates the pain of our loss to Taiwan, and far more sweeter.

By winning this game, the PBA is a beneficiary as it’ll translate more gate receipts for games, and the Philippines for successfully hosting the 27th FIBA Asia Championship. This can be an advantage when this basketball crazy nation will bid for the hosting of the 2019 world cup.

By winning this game, it did not only lifted our morale as Filipinos, but served as testament how collective effort  can move us closer to our goals. This sporting event did a good job in rallying majority of Filipinos for national pride and bragging rights.

By winning this game, it provided a template to overcome the challenges  in our quest for greatness:

  1. Hard work and sacrifice- there is no substitute for that
  2. Trust and belief on the team- the way they help Gary David break out of slumping performance
  3. Collective effort- recognise that each one has a role to play
  4. Expect haters but press on- because we cannot please everybody
  5. “Puso”-  Don’t go down fighting

The championship match against Iran tonight is interesting to watch, we might exceed our goal to just get a slot to Madrid,  Spain.

Go Gilas! Thank you for this honor. Laban Pilipinas!


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