HR is a Spiritual Profession

When work is a spiritual profession, the people we encounter are seen not as pests or preys nor predators but as persons that deserves courtesy and respect.   Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over...

Bible: Not A Book To Debate With

The authors of each book do not know each other and lived in different times, but they all speak in agreement to one central theme: Old Testament -> looking forward to the coming of Jesus as savior; and the New Testament -> looking back to what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

My Take on the RH Bill

my stand on RH Bill is 50/50. I agree that couples should have liberty to choose size of family and method of planning. But I’m against abortion

Tithing and Financial Freedom

A few Sunday’s back, instead of the usual scenario where I follow up my kids to bring their tithes to the Lord, they proudly came to me prepared. I have been instilling to my children the value of tithing and how this should be handled. A tithe is giving back to...

When Brother’s Fight

I’m  pre-occupied with current events lately following both international and local news. The international news of interest has something to do with my faith. While the local news have an immediate effect in our part of the world.  Both,  however,  have...