The articles we wrote about cyber wellness and cyberbullying prevention  has been reaching readers far and wide. Fellow advocates in the academe, Parent groups, NGOs and bullying victims themselves are touching base with us to exchange notes, among many others.


I received and email from fellow advocate to share this cyberbullying infographic.


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This pretty much gives us an over all picture of the problem, its effects and how we can help. Though the figures is from the US, this cyberbullying infographic will be helpful in our study and campaign in the Philippines.

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With the anti bullying law in place where reporting is required, I hope concerned institutions will also create a cyberbullying infographic specific to the Philippines.

Cyberbullying infographic

What do you think guys, do this cyberbullying infographic also reflect Philippine experience?


We at WSPH, remain committed for a safer and productive web environment by giving talks, organising learning events, advocating policies and developing programs geared towards safer internet, cyber wellness, bullying and cyber abuse prevention. If you need our services, feel free to call us at +632 9948520.


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