I received an email from a wellness service provider for mental health to share with our advocacy on cyber abuse and bullying prevention. More often, various articles cover the cyberbully victim and both the long term and short term effects of cyberbullying, but not much of about the cyberbully.

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Well, this infographic provides some of the telltale signs of a potential cyberbully. This will help parents, teachers and guidance counselors detect cases of cyberbullying. Likewise, timely interventions for a potential cyberbully reduce incidence of cyber abuse.

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Do you find the infographic helpful in identifying a potential cyberbully? Sound off your ideas and let us know.


We at WSPH, remain committed for a safer and productive web environment by giving talks, organising learning events, advocating policies and developing programs geared towards safer internet, cyber wellness, bullying and cyber abuse prevention. If you need our services, feel free to call us at +632 9948520.


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