In emergency situations, what should be the leader’s priority, the task at hand or family?


Express your love to your mother, no matter what

Nanay and myself


When Nanay (mother) went to be with the Lord, I think I was placed is a situation to show the condition of my heart. During this period, I was part of a group tasked to take care of a community.

My Tatay (father) decided to have the wake of nanay for 6 days [in case you are not familiar with death associated custom in the Philippines,  this means 6 days of almost sleepless nights for family members]

The challenge came when monsoon rains swept the city and flooded numerous areas. Thus, the need to put in place relief operations for the affected people in the community we are responsible for.

In the midst of my family’s situation, our group was required to show up early morning to participate on the relief operations. As a good leader, I did show up around 5 AM, though tired and sleepy and we went to flooded areas north of the capital to distribute relief goods.

These made me think, however, of a dilemma that  leaders face if they are not in a normal situation.
  • What will be the leader’s priority, the need of the people that  s/he’s supposed to provide leadership over with, or the needs of his/her own family?
  • There are three important life situations in a person’s lifetime that NO ONE should  MESS with- these are 1) Wedding, 2) Birth of a child and 3) Death in a family. In light of these, should leaders in situations discussed above be given some consideration? And why?
  • If the team you’re part of insinuated that your priority is the task at hand, how will you respond?


Your thoughts?

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