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Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living in a free country.

  • Where I can freely embrace and promote my Christian faith
  • Where I can blog all I want without fear of being jailed or censured
  • Where I can surf websites of my choice
  • Where I can freely choose where to live, where to work
  • Where I can freely express my sentiments to groups and individual
  • Where I can freely choose what to read, listen, watch and even what to eat
  • Where I can disagree with the Government
  • Where I can freely choose a leader
  • And a lot more

But sometimes, democracy sucks!

I don’t understand the arrogance of a small and noisy, but perhaps an “elite” group who would impose their political choice to the majority, who are sometimes “poor” or less influential.

In our part of the world, since the fall of dictatorship on 1986, the Philippines embraced liberal democracy and introduced  “people power” to the world. I was still a student then, and I proudly took part of the history. I was one of the warm bodies who participated in the peaceful assembly to bring about change in Government, the event was also known as “EDSA 1” in the Philippines and “people power” to the world. Fortunately the leader that time, President Ferdinand Marcos, strong and dictatorial (according to martial law victims), was wise enough to let history judge him. He avoided blood shed and left the seat of power. The peaceful change of government thru people power  was embraced by the world and also led to peaceful changes of government in other nations. But to a few, it also resulted to violence and bloodshed. The success of the 1986 people power, with the remnants of the principal players of EDSA 1, this approach was again used and succeeded to remove another seating President, Joseph Estrada , on 2001.  But the crowd on this version of people power, also known as EDSA 2 is relatively smaller compared to EDSA 1. Smaller but powerful and influential in society.  Likewise, this people power was equally criticized for ignoring the choice of the majority as reflected in the elections. Legal and constitutional issues were also raised. The same approach was again used but failed to remove President Gloria Arroyo. This is also known as EDSA 3. This one though is ugly, violent and bloody. This led me to think that on this instance; when a dissatisfied group who happen to be influential, and based  where the seat of government is located, will create noise and other disturbance to force a seating leader to step down,  disregarding due process and respect to the result of the elections and/or the voice of the silent majority, democracy sucks! Looks like this is what’s happening in Thailand. In my opinion, when people are killed or hurt for a dissenting political view, this is mob rule and not democracy. What do you think?

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