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Sonnie Santos- Digital InfluencerOn the area of digital media, one of the early adopters and considered as one of the pioneers of blogging and e-commerce is Janette Toral. She is also the person behind the annual iBlog summit, and has been in the forefront of advocating digital awareness and digital entrepreneurship to Filipinos.

On September 21, the 2013 edition of Digital Influencers Marketing Summit will be held at SMX Convention Center. This is just one of the initiatives Janette has been promoting.

While all of us may have an account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it does not necessarily make one a social media marketer, as some people are claiming. A few likewise, may have been blogging  and covering events, but it does not necessarily make one an influencer.

I believe this event is a good starting point for those who want to embrace what the digital media has to offer, and for the experienced ones, discover a few more tricks from fellow influencers.

For details of the summit, please headover to .  To register, please go HERE and fill-up the required fields. To avail of 10% discount, and this is the fun part, just indicate my name “sonnie” (without the quotes) ha ha, on the discount field. Spread the word and use this event for social good.

By the way, the discount is effective only up to September 18, 2013.

See you there!

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