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Update 9/19/15: Baywalk was rehabilitated by the national government courtesy of DOT under the Noynoy Aquino Presidency.

Here’s a shot of the revitalised Baywalk, not as beautiful as the version of Lito Atienza, but definitely better than the neglected version of Alfredo Lim

Baywalk, 2015 Era

Baywalk, 2015 Era


Update (10/21/07): I’ve been jogging at Baywalk every morning for the last week, some of the tiles and lights were fixed, police visibility also increased but one vendor complained of extorsion. Those sleeping at the benches and street kids/beggars who go after the tourists also increased.


I pass by Roxas Blvd. regularly on my way to work and back, and I have witnessed how the Baywalk of Manila transformed from a dead area to a glamorous one where economic activity thrives. From a no man’s land to a place where family and young people spend their time. From an abandoned area to a place where both local and foreign tourists visit. I thought then, Manila is going through revival because it became a tourist destination again and these generated employment and income to ordinary folks.

But have you been to Baywalk recently? Thanks to Alfredo Lim, he let the area deteriorated. Baywalk now stinks, because of human urine and fecal; And you will fear for your security.

  • beautiful landscape gone and tiles destroyed…
  • base and lights housing destroyed and stolen…
  • more vagrants
Is this another good(?) project that went down the drain with tax payers money wasted? What do you think have happened? Any lesson’s learned?



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