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I received a text message from an acquaintance about her medical condition. She just came from the hospital and complained of chest pain. She was also diagnosed to have an irregular heartbeat. Possible causes, allegedly, were thyroid, high blood pressure and stress.

I remember blogging about the corporate and business world 2 years ago. Since all of us must make a living (except perhaps a privilege few), we will be exposed to this environment. In this world, we can be honed to be a better person or become the opposite. “Monsters” may thrive in this environment– the corrupt culture, the highly competitive dog eat dog world and, the rude and mean creatures around. All for the love of “mammon”.
Having been promoted to a senior management position, I have observed that management professionals and entrepreneurs can become a regular customer of hospitals or have an early trip to the grave. That is, if they will not learn how to divorce stress and bad lifestyle. I myself had my unwilling visits to hospitals courtesy of stress and bad eating habits. I do work hard now attempting to have a disciplined life before nothing can’t be done.

Life is not all about owning something or moving up to the social strata. Though the desire for these are not necessarily bad. However, we must sort our priorities and find out what matters most in our life. A work-life balance is a viable option– to name a few, healthy eating habits, exercise and going home on time. We must also recognise that we have a buddy who promised to carry our load if the stress becomes unbearable.

Work and life is suppose to be fun….


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