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Sharing with you a collection of notes to self (leadership lessons) that you may find helpful

Early this week, I opted to withdraw to the mountains to spend some time reflecting, praying and fasting. We normally do 3 days corporate fast in our church at the beginning of the year, this one though is personal. Need this break to pray for important people in my life, clear my mind and seek direction on pressing issues, and of course, humble myself and repent.


Notes to self 1/7:

“Silence is the best response to personal insults and criticism” 

Ref. 1 Samuel 10: 27
Context: Saul was just anointed as King, some people threw personal insults at him. He did and said nothing in response


Notes to self 2/7:

“Do not give up on the ‘people’ you chose,                                                                 because God’s work is not yet complete in them”

Ref. 1 Samuel 12:22
Context: Despite the pain caused by Israel, God did not give up on them, for his name’s sake


Notes to self 3/7:

“When the behavior of your appointed ‘officers’ disrespect you,                                          it is ground for removal from office”

Ref. 1 Samuel 15:10-11; 22-23
Context: Saul was given specific instructions on what to do, but he opted to play politics and chose to make himself look good on people than follow God.


Notes to self 4/7:

Define the behavioral limits of your officers, so their actions will not  drag you and the organization to untimely or unnecessary war

Ref. 1 Samuel 13:3
Context: Israel is not yet ready to go to war, unprovoked, Jonathan attacked an enemy’s outpost. As a result, the untimely war caused a lot of miscues in leadership decisions.


Notes to self 5/7:

Listen to the counsel of senseful women,                                                                           it’ll spare you from unnecessary trouble 

Ref. 1 Samuel 25:23-31
Context: David was slighted by an ungrateful man. His testosterone shoot up, he and his men opted to annihilate the man. But a wise woman, upon hearing this, talked to David and brought his senses back


Notes to self 6/7:

Personal grudges of your officers towards their counterpart can derail collaboration or merger between two organizations.

Ref. 2 Samuel 3:26-27
Context: King Saul is dead, and David was proclaimed King of Judah. They are now in the process of unifying the 12 tribes, when the officers personal grudges got in the way and delayed the unification.


Notes to self 7/7:

A good leader honors the legacy and values                                                                       of her predecessors and founders

Ref. 1 Kings 2:2
Context: Before David died, he gave instructions to his successor, so his leadership reigns will be secure, and will continue to the next generations.


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