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I am not talking about the global economy, which I planned to blog about with the recent effect of the crisis to Asian markets and currencies. But my self who was shaken because my little princess is likely to have dengue.

If confirmed, she’s the first case in our condo/community. I also suspected that she was bitten by a dengue carrying mosquito in their school, where my daughter spent 60% of daytime. We intend to write the school authorities about this unfortunate incident since my girl missed the second periodical exam and spending her sem break in the hospital.

This is the first time my daughter was hospitalized, and it has shaken me. I have to sort out my emotions and distinguish Faith from positive thinking, and positive thinking from self denial. This kind of experience may be peanuts to some, but to me, this is an uncharted zone. I have fought several battles and the scars have caused me to be immune to  pressure, but when your kid is involved, it will shaken shaken you.

As of this writing, we are awaiting the result of her platelet count. Her BP is stable, no fever and she desired food, after a long while.  Earlier, I held her one hand, while she is in tears, as the doctors held the other hand struggling to get the right blood vessel for the dextrose.

One of the Pastors of our local church paid us a visit, anointed my girl with oil, and prayed over, as prescribed in the scriptures.

I also missed work today.

Wifey has proven her steadiness again as she faced the situation with coolness. We had a little discussion last night as I insist to bring our daughter to the hospital (I’m shaken, you know) but she prefer to look at the situation in a different perspective. Self denial,  I thought, is not faith. Neither positive thinking.

According to Heb 11:1, Faith is the evidence of things hope for and the subsance of things not seen. But Faith will work only when one faced the facts. And this is a fact that we must face and choose to believe on God’s promises.

Thanks to those who kept our daughter in prayer, I will post updates as it happens.

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