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The world almost stop as it watch history unfold at uncle Sam’s backyard.

By now, it’s evident who the new US President would be. As there are cheers of celebration, others are also sorrowed by defeat.

From the voters point of view

  1. The most important issue is the one closest to their stomach– economy.
  2. Idealism/youth is preferred over experience and age.
  3. Affiliation with an unpopular regime also played a big factor.
  4. War is stupid.

The world looks forward to the new cabinet, it also awaits policy changes on several fronts– terrorism, foreign relations, economy, among many others.

Here in our part of the world, local politicians are expected to emulate the winning strategy for their own purpose come 2010.

Well, this is democracy at work.

But I wonder if the situation is corporate in nature, not political, would the bases be the same?

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