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Poverty violates every human rights there is.

If you are poor and seriously sick, going to a private hospital is not an option.  Try going to  a public hospital and if you’re lucky, they will give you the run around.

I happen to know how two patients in need of immediate medical attention, whose guardians were asked to sign a waiver, before turning them away for lack of available room.  I heard one of the 2 patients died before reaching another hospital. The other patient was transferred to another  public hospital, though admitted, the guardian was advised there is no guarantee the patient can be operated in the next 24 hours. The guardian has no other recourse but to transfer the patient again to another public hospital. Though at this time, the patient was attended to, the guardian, however, need to shelve $ 181.00 or Php 8,000.00 for the surgical procedure.  Though doctor services and facilities are considerably cheap, you have to buy the medicines and paraphernalia needed for the medical procedures.

This is just a glimpse of what the poor has to go through just to survive life.

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