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We noticed a little girl playing in the middle island of Quirino Avenue…

Since kids are enjoying their break away from us :-), Mrs. Sonnie’s Porch and I had an intimate dinner last night after I came back from the company outing. On our way home, on the corner of Pedro Gil and Quirino Ave., we noticed a little girl, about the age of my daughter, 8-9, playing in the middle island. I opened the car window since she was alone and curious of what she’s doing at an ungodly hour. Likewise, since Manila is like heaven (Lenten and Christmas when all have gone elsewhere) in the absence of traffic, am afraid fast moving vehicles might side sweep her. She was havin’ fun alone tinkering something (am not sure if she’s building something or folding an artwork). But she’s suppose to be selling rugs. We bought more rugs than we need and gave her a little extra. But our heart broke for that little girl. She’s like my daughter and they seems to have similar interest. We’re not even sure if she has taken her dinner yet. I don’t know how to express what am feeling, I just hope this blog will communicate what I felt.

Today is good Friday for Christians, a commemoration of how Jesus expressed his love for mankind. But the same Jesus also loves the little children– more than we love our own kids, nieces, grand kids, etc. I was wondering what would Jesus do if he saw that little girl? I was caught flat footed on the encounter aside from buying rugs and giving, what am I suppose to do? Pray for her? Give her more? Curse the gov’t.? Blame her parents? Yeah right, but will that change the fact that her childhood is being robbed by poverty. What would likely happen to her when she got older?

Initially, I was wishing to have more so I can do and give more. But am no savior and the ills of our society can best be cured by the society itself, if each one of us will do our part. I resolved to pray for the following, with faith that things will change for good of this country:

  • The gov’t. to have the political will to address corruption and to provide heavy funding on programs that will attract investments, job creation, education, health and social welfare.
  • The gov’t to have the political will to ensure economic gains will trickle down to the poor.
  • The super rich of the society to share their wealth by providing income that can decently provide to family, and develop more entrepreneurs rather than corporate slaves.
  • The middle class to be like a big brother, since they can relate more with the poor. The rich may not understand, but the middle class would know since most of them have overcome poverty.
  • The educational system will not be a theoretical nonsense, but will equip students to be responsible citizens. Not waiting for dole outs, not satisfied as corporate slaves, but to aspire entrepreneurship.
  • That Filipinos will learn not to shoot his own foot.
  • That Filipinos will not forget their motherland….
  • And each one of us will do our share to make our society a little nice to live.

As a matter of bragging right, we profess to be the only Christian nation in Asia, but we are also surveyed as the most corrupt. We also have a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions in our midst.

If indeed, we are Christians, let us be Jesus’ representative to these children. Again, Jesus love kids.

My family will do what we can, and pray for the things beyond our control. I invite you also to do the same.


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