Yesterday was a long day, have worked for more than 12 hours. Though “kapoy” as what some Cebuana friends would say, t’was fun because of the opportunity to coach and mentor the young HR dudes and dudettes.

I asked the new members of my HR team– graduates of top universities, to observe the assimilation sessions for new managers and my meeting with another executive. After which, we took the time to exchange ideas about leadership, issues of integrity on management, and corporate life/politics.

On similar note, am working with other professionals in setting up a national membership meeting or a convention to take advantage of a visiting HR Guru, GK Lim, who offered his services. Our intentions is to open opportunities to mentor the next generation of leaders who will shape both the corporate HR (and perhaps the national) leadership landscape in the future.

I’ve set up a blog on that matter, Mabuhay HR Philippines, to likewise take advantage of the web 2.0 and introduce blogs as tool for mentoring and communication. Not many organizations have embraced the idea of blogs for corporate communication, training and development, marketing and PR yet. But this tool is effective in reaching the young generation. Developed countries have utilized blogs for various means, and this has reached the Philippine shores. Organizations, HR, mentors and coaches should be ready to use this tool.

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