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More than 2 months ago, a bunch of young professionals and entrepreneurs, who barely know each other, worked on a goal that we thought to be close to impossible. And that is to host a national gathering of HR Philippines members.

And exactly, who do we think we are? An HR e-group whose members only know each other via email and blog, with no money.

All we have is the common desire to mentor younger generation/entry level HR practitioners, and that of GK Lim who volunteered to speak for HR Philippines since he will be in town. GK is a well known Trainer and HR Guru in Asia Pacific, he is from Malaysia.

And on August 29, 2007, HR Philippines e-group made history by hosting 350 hr practitioners in attendance, the largest “eye ball” event an e-group can have.

Putting this event together is a great challenge since the e-group has no funds to start with.

This is volunteerism in action. Each member in the committee went the distance, taking time out from our individual schedule to meet and brainstorm, to scout for venue, source sponsors and advertisers, bargain with suppliers and service providers so we can make the reg fee affordable if not totally free. In one of the meetings, we even considered holding the HR Philippines convention to a venue good only for 100 pax, thinking that we’ll be lucky to gather 100 people.

But the group believed on a worthy cause, and pursued what we thought in the beginning as close to impossible. JM of ARIVA advanced the reservation fee for the venue. Members assisted in looking for sponsors, Sarah and her husband of Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy offered their office for meetings, President Ricky, the COO of Sysgen, spearheaded the meetings and provided merienda whenever we meet in his office. Tatay Austri ensured that members are updated thru his email blasts. Ed of exeQserve, and his group conceptualized and managed the program, Raffy of RMP Consultancy took care of the souvenir magazine, Mar, consultant of MAPRE Insurance, and his group ensured registration is smooth and participants are comfortable during the convention The various speakers took the time to research and put together materials that will be helpful.

There are many more whose names I may have missed but they also passionately extended a helping hand for this endeavor.

Because we believed on a worthy cause, sponsors also came in. ARIVA did a good job marketing and managing the event. HR Philippines is on RPN 9 and UNTV. It’s also in Radio, i.e. RJ 100, 99.5 Hit FM Energy FM 91.5 and the national daily Philipine Daily Inquirer.

This convention is the brainchild, of Jhing Ureta, founder of HR Philippines.

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