As 2008 closes in, some people have gone nuts over the “Starbucks” 2008 planner.

There are 2 ways to own this planner.

  1. Get a loyalty card and complete the required stickers. A sticker will be given every time you buy a Starbucks drink. With this, caffeine overload is not far behind, but at least the farmers will benefit too! I hope Starbucks are sourcing their coffee beans from local farmers also.
  2. Or buy it directly. You can at least find one seller in the blogosphere.
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I like coffee, but I’m not in a mad rush to own this planner. I already received 4 variety of planners last Christmas. Add to that is the planner we received from C.O.P.

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Whether you are gunning for the Starbucks planner or not,  get any planner/ organizer. This tool will help us plan forward and reflect backwards . A little order in our professional and personal lives is value adding not only to ourselves, but to the people around us too.

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P.S.– I will be out of town for a few days and may not have online access.


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