When Values Integration Fail

An end-to-end value integration program equips a company to culturally, structurally, and administratively prevent behavioral misconduct

Want an Orderly Space? 5S is a Win!

Is your workplace orderly? When you waste time looking for something,  you know it’s there but you just can’t find it. I guess the answer is obvious.

Congrats PUP!

According to the JobStreet.com findings, PUP graduates possess the most traits many companies look for in applicants– self driven with no self entitlement attitude.

Walang Forever?

Forever is possible in a romantic relationship. If both parties will work on it and will not leave it to fate.

Power Outfit and Social Business

The importance of engagement appropriate outfit has been underscored because of the growing influence of self expression in our culture.

The Mighty Heart Of NU Bulldogs

From cellar dweller to a champion, from laughing stock to a respected brand. A new era for NU (National University) Bulldogs has come.

A Redemptive Attitude

a redemptive attitude is better than a judgmental one. On a distant past, a man exemplified what a redemptive attitude is– has the prerogative to pass judgement to a woman caught in adultery. But instead, he won back a soul considered hell bound by an angry mob who ready to execute her.

The Keys To Success

Jesus showed us how to pursue our destiny, the key to our success, by his example.

Bible: Not A Book To Debate With

The authors of each book do not know each other and lived in different times, but they all speak in agreement to one central theme: Old Testament -> looking forward to the coming of Jesus as savior; and the New Testament -> looking back to what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

How To Make The Right Connection

I often hear this in success talks, “it’s not only about you, it’s about the right connection, having access to the right people at the right time”

Are Employers Deserving of our Loyalty?

At this point in my career, I just turned one year as an executive, when I received a call from a headhunter acquaintance, requesting for my updated CV.  Her client is a flourishing company and in need of executive for their HR Dept. The offer is rather tempting, so...

Being Attentive To Details

Whenever possible, I would like to have an engaging activity with my son so I can teach him practical lessons in life. Yesterday, because of the long break, we had an opportunity to wash the car together. As expected of a 10 year old boy, he wanted to finish the task...

How To Get A Job Offer

It’s graduation season once again, and the labor market will be flooded with new talents. In the midst of the growing competition, how do we keep with the competition?

Putting Things In Order

If we are focused always on “firefighting” activities, we forget how to look at things from the top view to make the necessary balance, priority and order.