Congrats PUP!

According to the findings, PUP graduates possess the most traits many companies look for in applicants– self driven with no self entitlement attitude.

Job Hunting Tips

Of the different job hunting tips, here’s my most tip: Be clear with your value proposition and get this message across to the headhunters.

How To Avoid Failure

Past experiences and present opportunities are not coincidences, they are intertwined with your purpose. Find that purpose and you’ll know your future..

How To Handle Workplace Bullying

When facing an office bully, you need to hold your fire, until you have evaluated your situation, profiled your aggressor and covered your bases

Blogging is On The Rise Again

With the renewed interest to blogging, it is ideal for seasoned bloggers to collaborate with new generation of bloggers to re-visit the value adding uses of blogs, to benefit not only the community but the blogger too.

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

I shared the principle of “one step back, two steps forward” in an “Ignite” HR Convention, organized by students for students. This is to level their expectations when they step into the corporate world.     Since students were...

What To Do When Cyberbullied

Schools and companies, should have a bullying and social web policy, and a restoration program. This will address the administrative discipline of the perpetrator and counselling of the victim.

The Keys To Success

Jesus showed us how to pursue our destiny, the key to our success, by his example.