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On October last year, GMA 7 reported an alleged teacher caught on cam hitting her student.  While I do not condone violence against students, I thought this maybe a first incident of  cyberbaiting in the Philippines.

Cyberbaiting, according to Norton Online Family Report,  is a phenomenon where students taunt their teachers to the point of outburst, then capture the teachers’ reactions via cell phone videos and post those videos online for all to see. 

Cyberbaiting is a form of cyber bullying (cyber harassment for adults), however it is being done by students against their teacher.

Another video, entitled ‘abusadong professor violente at high blood‘, was uploaded in youtube, went viral and formed another cyber lynch condemning the the professor. Per news report by GMA 7, the professor has been dismissed.

Video description of Abusadong Professor

screengrab of the video description of Abusadong Professor

While I do not condone violence against anyone, especially minors, and perpetrators should face administrative and criminal charges, alleged violators should also be given due process. At this point, the side of the perpetuator is not yet presented.

Having said that, I was wondering whether this is another Philippine case of cyberbaiting. What triggered the outburst of the professor? I don’t think it was presented on this video, and the uploader did not attempt to give a background to the incident.

The advancement of technology indeed levels the playing field. The professor probably thought he is indispensable, ’til this video was taken and uploaded. However, users should also  exercise prudence and ensure balance presentation of facts.

While we agree that the behaviour of the perpetrator is conduct unbecoming of a professor. Do you think  he is a victim of cyberbaiting?

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