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Though not every HR is into this, but millennial and tech savvy HR are using social media for pre-employment or pre-regularisation background check and investigation. A US start-up company even cast their lot in searching for somebody else’s dirt in social media, compiling and keeping publicly accessible information for seven years.

On criminal investigation, mining social network account of suspected criminals is not new. In fact it was reported warrants has been issued to search Facebook accounts without the users consent and knowledge. The warrant includes search on pictures, videos, status updates and events- the nakedness of our social accounts in its glory.

While many are not comfortable with these, here’s my take on using social media for background check and investigation. I find this as a welcome development as long as the information that will be collected are only those that are publicly accessible in  timeline, social groups and forum.

Furthermore, background check on social media can have these positive effects:

  • Social Media users will be conscious of what they post publicly, and will protect their online reputation
  • Companies will have a birds eye view of the applicants interests and advocacy. Something they can use to develop programs that will engage employees.

What about you, what is your take on the use of social media as reference for background check and investigation?



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