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In life, there are many battles, but we must be discerning to know which ones to fight and which ones to walk away.

Last week, after I drove my wife to work, on my way back, the side of my car was hit by a pedicab. From the very beginning, I hated pedicabs plying on the main road since they move against the flow of traffic, thus, risk injury to life and damage to property. And it seems the local gov’t have no plans regulating them yet. Having seen a convoy of these coming my way, I tried to avoid because I sensed trouble. True indeed, before I can totally change lane, one pedicab hit me. What the @$*$!!! I wanted to beat the man because he just don’t care. But what will I get? He can’t pay the damage, he got no insurance and he don’t mind going to jail. And whatever I do, it will not change the fact that he left a deep scratch and dent on the fender and right door of my 1 year old car. I will be inconvenient for several days when the car is under repair, plus I will pay participation fee for my insurance. In the midst of rage, I chose to just walk away ( still felt sorry for my car though 🙁 ).

At work, I received a nasty “hate” letter from an employee for his perceived mishandling of an incident report. I wanted to get back and give the person a taste of what he deserve, but I chose to ignore and look the other way.

There are more situations in life that may unleash the war lord inside us, but is it worth our energy, time and intelligence?

When I was younger (still young though 🙂 ), I fight all battles that cross my path. But after a while, I learned that a stress less life is far better for my health and family. There are unnecessary battles, but there are also wars that need to be won. One must be wise to distinguish between the two.

Fools quickly show that they are upset, but the wise ignore insults.

– Proverbs 12:16 (NCV)

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