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Need for Social Media Policy

Because of the different issues associated with social computing, these are enough reasons  why companies should develop social web policy.

When crafting a social media policy, HR should first clarify with top management about it’s online philosophy– if the company plans to use social media as tool and how the company will use it.

If yes, then what will be the guidelines? Who will maintain the official channels of communication? Employees who are in charge of the official Twitter and Facebook accounts  should also undergo training on strategic online branding.

On the other hand, if the company is allergic with social web and will likely block access, social media policy  should be focused on protecting the image of the company and all employees should receive training on responsible social computing and privacy management.

I also observed that some companies prepare a separate policy for internet use, I highly suggest to just re-define existing provisions of the code of conduct to include online activities. For example, there might be an existing provision about wasting company time. If employee is using Facebook at work all the time, this may be considered as violation.

Sonnie Santos giving a talk about social media foundation

Sonnie delivering a keynote address at HR/Training Congress about the need for Social Computing Policy


After that, HR, IT , Corporate Communication and Marketing should discuss what other online activities and behavior that needed a policy to address  improper use, security breach, productivity loss, bad company image and discourtesy towards fellow employees, officers, clients and customers and workplace (cyber) bullying.

The additional provisions should not only cover virus/malware, bandwidth and productivity issues, but effects of online behavior  to employer branding, confidentiality & privacy, and those mentioned on the cybercrime law.

In your opinion, what else should be covered in a social media policy?



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