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The Ube Tanker is the most popular fire engine in Metro Manila.

A relatively quiet and lazy afternoon was disturbed by the wailing sirens of firetrucks responding to a level 5 fire somewhere in Manila.


UBE Tanker, is one of the fire engines maintained and operated by Eng Bee Tin

The famous “UBE Tanker” when not in used


As expected, the Ube Tanker (Purple Fire Engine) parked near our building is gearing for action. This fire truck is maintained by a private company and being commandeered by volunteer firemen who are either owners, employees or staffs of Eng Bee Tin, a known “hopia” and chinese deli factory in the Philippines, managed by Gerry Chua.

The Ube Tanker, and the fleet of fire engines being managed by Eng Bee Tin is an example of corporate social responsibility in action. This practice, I think, is replicated by medium size companies and they work closely with local gov’t. for disaster response and other community service, like water rationing when normal services is disrupted by either maintenance/upgrading or acts of nature.

This only shows that a company, regardless of size, can add value to their community.



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