CSR As Business Strategy

The CSR initiatives of British Telecommunication are integrated to their business strategy. Not a separate program, as what other companies normally do.

CSR: The Ube Tanker

As expected, the “Ube” (Purple) Fire Engine parked near our building is gearing for action. This fire truck is maintained by a private company and being commandeered by volunteer firemen who are employees or staffs of Eng Bee Tin, a known “hopia” and chinese deli factory in the Philippines

CSR: Green Companies

A nugget of hope is what I unearthed for reading a newspaper after a cardio exercise. In the middle of political hula boos and increasing fuel prices, it was noted that some companies in the Philippines, in their own small way, is helping to protect the environment....

Be Scared, be very scared

Allow me to borrow the tag of Conrado de Quiros review of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, be scared.. be very scared!

CSR with A Twist

The medical mission I wrote about in my previous post concluded on Aug. 11. We went to Baguio on Aug. 10, 2006– its a chilly August up there! I returned to Manila early morning of Aug. 12 while the rest of the team left Baguio after lunch.The endeavor was made...

CSR– Beyond The Requirements Of The Law

A news story caught my attention, while waiting for my son in the barber shop. I thought this is worth blogging. Just imagine, an article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, reported that a lowly public high school from Samar topped the national achievement test,...

CSR, HR Role In The Making

Should HR spearhead CSR initiatives? Though CSR is primary top management function, this appears to be an emerging new role of HR and developing countries.

Social Accountability In The Philippines

The Employers Confederation Of The Philippines (ECOP) and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) recently partnered thru a memorandum of agreement to raise the awareness level on Social Accountability in the Philippine Companies. Although ECOP is taking the lead, other...