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Early 2023 is an excellent time to practice digital hygiene to secure our gadgets, it is never too early or too late to protect our personal information.

Digital Hygiene are set of practices that protects personal information
To kick off our 2023 online safety journey, I’m sharing 5 digital hygiene tips from our friends at Kaspersky.
1. Change password regularly
Digital hygiene starts with a detailed password review. Now is the time to go through all of your accounts and change your passwords. Remember the golden rule: never use the same password for multiple accounts!
If you, like many people, have multiple online accounts, a reputable password manager can be of great assistance. Modern password managers include features that greatly simplify password management- auto-fill and automatic password generator.
2. Subscribe to notifications about account data leaks
Data leaks, in addition to weak passwords, are a threat to your personal and corporate accounts. Unfortunately, data breaches occur frequently, and it is difficult to keep track of them all. If your account information is compromised, fraudsters can use it to take over your accounts.
You can, however, be informed of data leaks by subscribing to the latest leaks to see via modern password manager or browser services like Firefox or Chrome.
3. Use VPN
VPNs, which were once a niche product for geeky users and businesses, are now available for anyone who wants to stay safe and private online. Modern VPN solutions now provide high traffic speeds, shop online securely, watch streaming services from anywhere in the world while concealing your IP address from websites and advertisers. Web monitoring can have unanticipated consequences, such as revealing the gifts you bought for your family.
4. Transfer documents to a digital safe place
Because of the advancement of digital services, scans and electronic versions of documents are now used just as frequently as their paper counterparts. This begs the reasonable question of how to store electronic versions so that they remain safe and do not fall into the hands of unauthorized individuals. You can save them to a folder on your computer or upload them to a password-protected cloud like Google Drive or Microsofts One Drive.
Likewise, there are modern password managers that can store more than just passwords and banking information. These are now full-fledged encrypted electronic storage systems where you can upload scans, PDFs, and other important documents that you want to keep safe. This can also include medical records and phone numbers, as well as any work-related documentation or files. Such storage services are many times safer than more traditional storage locations because they are specially encrypted and can only be decrypted with the help of one master password, which should only be remembered by the user.
5. Learn more about child’s hobbies on the Internet
Children nowadays have digital devices in their hands from the age of five. It is critical to teach and share the rules of digital hygiene from childhood in order for their online journey to be safe and interesting. There is also a variety of child safety software available to help parents learn more about their children’s interests and help children develop healthy digital habits from an early age.
Because privacy and security are a process, not a result. Just as you cannot get in shape or become a healthy eater overnight, securing your account and digital footprint takes time and effort.
Do you have additional information security tips? Please let us know in the comments section.
Additional tip from Vlad de Ramos, an InfoSec guru:
1. Use two-factor authentication if available.
2. Be aware of phishing sites.
3. Be aware of spamming emails and messages. do not click on the links; Use anti-spam tools if possible.
Thanks buddy for the contribution.

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