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I’m not referring to the URGE of the dark kind, but of the entrepreneurial desire that can make a difference, and change a community.

According to Pastor Tom Sims, a person who desire to be an entrepreneur was set apart, because not all are called to go create wealth and build people and communities. URGE is an acronym conceptualized by Pastor Tom and stands for:

U = Urgency.

An inner sense of urgency that says that something has to be done and it has to be done now and by YOU!

R = Resources.

The entrepreneur may or may not have adequate resources, but s/he is willing to invest whatever s/he has. S/he is resourceful and creative.

G = Grandiosity.

The entrepreneurial urge is to think big – bigger than is practical, vaster than the present reality, greater than others can imagine. You see it when others don’t

.E = Energy.

This is so vital to the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit. Energy flows and is directed toward the point of focus. The entrepreneur makes other people tired because he is tireless and does not quit.


Do you have the URGE to be different?


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